This is what ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, a veteran liner well known in shipping industry circles, has accomplished in recent years – a maverick in a traditionally slow-to-change industry.

ZIM set itself apart as an independent carrier in an industry dominated by alliances of the giant global container shipping companies. ZIM’s unique strategy is focused on niche markets where it has a clear competitive edge.

Another central pillar of ZIM’s novel approach is emphasizing a customer-oriented vision in an industry often characterized by outmoded practices.

In 2017, ZIM introduced the first electronic bill-of-lading on WAVEBL platform, pioneering what has long been the holy grail of the industry. An array of groundbreaking initiatives followed, making ZIM a truly digital shipping company.

In an industry dominated by traditional giant companies, ZIM stands out for its novel approach, bold, agile strategy and innovative, digitally-focused spirit, leading it to record financial results in 2021 and rapid growth of the company’s global operations.