At Stenn, we work with hundreds of growth businesses that trade internationally, and perhaps the key trend we’ve seen emerging is the proliferation of digital global trade, particularly in the services space.

Historically, international trade has been underpinned by the transfer of physical goods. The key benefit for clothing, food and drink, electronic goods and other physical goods providers has always been access to a wider global market, increasing the number of potential buyers significantly. 

However, with continued technological advances and, perhaps more importantly, access to technology increasing worldwide, a truly digital global trade ecosystem has been unlocked. 

Digital goods providers face a number of significant challenges when it comes to trading internationally, perhaps the biggest hurdle being access to financing. This is where technology can really shine, with solutions such as Stenn’s ensuring that businesses have access to global financial systems and the tools they need to allow them to continue growing without barriers. 

Stenn technology enables financing for entrepreneurs around the world, powering their growth through simple transparent process, all completed online. To date, Stenn has enabled over $12 billion (USD) of finance to global businesses, with capital provided by several blue-chip banks and institutional fund managers.

Apply today to release your working capital and start enjoying the benefits of Stenn tech:

  • From $10k to $10M

We finance your invoices with a total limit of up to $10 million (USD). Boost your turnover!

  • In 48 hours

We can do it online in 48 hours – much faster than any bank or insurance company.

  • Only 2 docs

To start financing, get your Stenn contract and Buyer’s notification signed.

  • Non-payment protection

If the Buyer does not pay on time, you don’t have to pay money back to Stenn. We take the risk of non-payment.

  • From a single invoice

From a single invoice to the full ledger… it is your choice how you use Stenn financing.

  • All online

No need for business trips and long meetings. You can do it all online – from signing documents to inviting your counter-parties to the platform.

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