Solving today’s most urgent challenges demands greater partnership between universities and businesses. Vanderbilt University was made for this moment.

The notion of universities being ivory towers was never quite accurate. And it could not be further from the truth today. 

Universities continually fuel progress and improve lives with foundational innovations—innovations that often go on to be refined and brought to scale by private companies.

The world needs the solutions that research universities can uniquely provide, because the challenges humanity faces require fearless exploration and bold bids for innovation. At Vanderbilt University, that’s part of the work we do every day.

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Vanderbilt is a nationally renowned institution ranked 10th among private U.S. universities in annual research and development spending, and it is a destination for some of the most promising students and faculty around the world.

Being a top-tier private research university gives us several advantages in today’s evolving, technology-driven higher education landscape: Leading, research-active faculty. Expansive research infrastructure. And collaboration with corporations and other partners that enables us to spur progress and solve complex problems.

As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we’re exploring how to do even more. And one of our key aims is to establish more collaboration with external partners.

At Vanderbilt, our motto, “dare to grow,” is being brought to life by partnering with businesses and other organizations around the world so that, together, we can help map society’s path forward.

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