Dubai CommerCity is the first and leading free zone dedicated exclusively to e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With an area covering 2.1 million square feet and an investment of around $1 billion, it is uniquely designed for the best and upcoming e-commerce players.

The free zone is perfectly placed to benefit from the expected e-commerce growth in the region that is outpacing the global growth average. It provides an environment that stimulates creativity and progressive development with the aim of attracting more foreign direct investments to Dubai. The zone is further positioned as a global hub with complete turnkey e-commerce solutions. Providing tailored consultation services including strategy development, selecting the right partners to support your business, performance marketing and content services, and guidance on e-commerce regulations in the region, your business can take unprecedented advantage of this growing e-commerce opportunity.

The free zone is divided into three clusters, each with its own innovative design. The Business Cluster is home to modern landscaped buildings with Grade A premium offices; the Logistics Cluster consists of state-of-the-art dedicated and multi-client warehouse units with scalable pay-as-you-go pricing models; and the Social Cluster houses restaurants, cafes, exhibitions and events.

Dubai CommerCity has exceptional competitive advantages and offers a unique value proposition to support its clients in helping them grow and further scale their business. This includes short delivery lead times given its proximity to Dubai International Airport, which is key for regional shipments.

Other benefits include special e-commerce licenses, smart-cost structures, and significantly pre-negotiated partnerships to ensure the highest level of quality and services for e-commerce businesses of all sizes.

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Business Cluster

The Business Cluster comprises of 12 office buildings featuring modern and innovative buildings and landscapes all compliant with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program. With creativity at the heart of its very design, Dubai CommerCity provides an environment that promotes initiative, engagement and an all-round better business acumen. Access to right infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology, high speed connectivity and round the clock access to customer service and support along with Premium Grade A offices for rent offers flexibility and adequate scalability options.

Logistics Cluster

The Logistics Cluster consists of dedicated warehouse units of different sizes to suit e-commerce businesses and a shared multi-client warehouse operated by Dubai CommerCity’s partners with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The cluster offers end-to-end warehousing services including order management systems, streamlined customs clearance processes, and last mile delivery services from the bonded warehouse facility directly to the consumer. The cluster is designed with rooftop PVC solar panels for generating clean energy. The Cluster also offers uncompromised efficiency in the movement and storage of goods, and priority shipping channels at attractive rates.

Social Cluster

The Social Cluster is home to a variety of diverse food outlets, cafes, quick service restaurants, art galleries and open spaces. It is in the heart of Dubai CommerCity offering vibrant facilities ideal to take a break from the fast-paced office environment or simply grabbing a coffee. It also offers display centers for businesses to showcase their products to general public and multi-purpose halls that can be utilized for conferences, art displays or fashion shows.

E-commerce Enablement

While your core business is to grow your e-commerce sales, many companies find themselves overwhelmed with the operational details and right marketing avenues. Dubai CommerCity offers a complete and comprehensive range of services to help you manage every detail down every avenue.

From digital marketing and customer analytics, to business support and customs consultations, Dubai
CommerCity has created a support network through which you can build the knowledge, strategies and management skills giving you the best chance at staying ahead in the e-commerce market.

Warehousing & Last-mile Delivery

The free zone offers an all-ready-operational hub for the logistics, storage and movement of your stock.

The two types of warehouses – Dedicated and Multi-Client Warehouses – are both scalable and flexible, ensuring customers are able to expand naturally.

Dubai CommerCity’s Multi-Client Warehouse operated by their strategic partners includes inventory management and warehousing, pick and pack, order fulfilment as well as returns management. Designed and developed with guidance from industry experts, warehousing and last mile delivery services are at the heart of the smart city’s warehousing and logistics operations.

The e-commerce dedicated city provides end-to-end warehousing including order management systems, streamlined customs clearance processes, last mile delivery services, and management of consumer and shipment queries including tracking and tracing of deliveries. With these partnerships at Dubai CommerCity, clients will be able to benefit from pre-negotiated, market competitive warehousing and last mile rates along with economical delivery lead times and coverage. You can also avail unique and exclusive pay-as-you-go storage options which is highly cost efficient and allows flexibility to scale your operations in-line with demand.

E-commerce Technology Platform & Services

You will find all the help and support you need to operate a successful e-commerce business on site. From webstore development to specialist e-commerce platform support, Dubai CommerCity has industry experts on hand, ready to assist.

Online trading and merchandising support, UX/UI developers, branding specialists, other associated creatives and payment gateway are all available to help you reach your audience and achieve success.

A wide range of project services are offered that includes consultancy, discovery and requirements, building, testing major and minor customizations.

E-commerce Strategy Consulting

Dubai CommerCity offers e-commerce strategy consulting to help you identify and develop the right e-commerce strategy for your business.

For foreign brands looking to move into the Middle East, Dubai CommerCity can help tailor your brand for the region whilst maintaining its core directives. Developing region specific e-commerce strategies based on your industry, we aim to give your brand the best head-start possible.

With end-to-end user experience enhancement, optimization strategy and e-commerce training programs, all accessible right here within the free zone, Dubai CommerCity’s e-commerce consultancy services put the power to promote and progress into your hands.

Customs Consulting

Running a cross-border e-commerce business requires more than a receipt and a thank you. To complete the e-commerce business set-up support, Dubai CommerCity also offers a customs consulting service to help you navigate the red tape.

Helping you to become a more efficient merchant, the customs consulting service provides advice and guidance through the more difficult areas of e-commerce trading. All the correct paperwork, in all the correct places helps for the smooth transfer of goods and a thorough knowledge of customs processes holds the key.

Using this knowledge and expertise, Dubai CommerCity’s customs consultancy service will direct you down the path of least resistance creating dynamic, efficient and economical customs practices for your business.

Partner with us

Dubai CommerCity offers strategic partnerships to further enable its e-commerce ecosystem. Close links to Dubai International Airport and a network of industry experts and professionals play their part in Dubai CommerCity and the UAE region in becoming a world-renowned e-commerce super-hub.

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Bringing it all together

Dubai CommerCity is the ideal destination for any business looking to setup or expand their e-commerce business or for e-commerce ecosystem service providers to offer their services to a pool of regional and international e-commerce businesses. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, Dubai CommerCity offers free guidance and individually tailored e-commerce enablement services to all the potential investors to explore how your business can benefit from the growing e-commerce opportunity in the region. With fast and efficient Business Set-up processes and through their network of strategic partners, they provide you with all the information you need to take your business to the next level. Through innovative support services, modern infrastructure and endless networking opportunities, the Free Zone aims to provide suitable and stable groundwork from which you can grow your business.

This all-under-one-roof approach offers a truly complete turnkey solution that offers:

  • Fast and automated registration with pre-and-post business set-up support
  • Special e-commerce licenses and smart-cost structures
  • End-to end logistics services with competitive SLAs and 24/7 customer support
  • Pre-negotiated partnerships
  • A pre-integrated and pre-configured e-commerce platform
  • On-site ecosystem service providers
  • Performance marketing and content support
  • E-commerce strategy consulting services, and
  • E-commerce business support services

The goal of Dubai CommerCity is to create the perfect ecosystem to help your e-commerce business thrive in the UAE. With industry experts at every level, Dubai CommerCity is a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs, pushing further the region’s status as an e-commerce world leader hence attracting more foreign direct investments into the UAE.

Dubai CommerCity – enabling the ‘e’ in commerce.


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