The commercial relationship between Wisconsin and the United Kingdom is robust and well established, with transatlantic trade delivering parts and supplies for industries including biohealth, aerospace manufacturing, water technology and food processing, as well as finished goods for sale to consumers.

2019 Wisconsin Exports to the UK

$800 million

#1 Industrial Machinery: 26%

#2 Aviation and Aircraft Equipment: 25%

#3 Medical and Scientific Instruments: 9%


2019 Wisconsin Imports from the UK

$778 million

#1 Pharmaceutical Products: 40%

#2 Vehicle and Transportation Parts: 20%

#3 Industrial Machinery: 11%


Building upon the strengths of this historic relationship, the potential for increased, mutually beneficial trade and investment between Wisconsin and the UK invites dialogue, collaboration and continued cross-Atlantic partnerships. Whether they are seeking a supplier or looking for an ideal location for a North America facility, UK companies would be smart to consider Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s comprehensive transportation infrastructure and ready access to the world’s busiest  multimodal transportation hub, located just 55 miles to its south, give companies operating in the state one-day access to major markets throughout the U.S. and beyond.

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UK companies including Aon PLC, Associated British Foods PLC, Avon Rubber PLC, C&J Clark International

Ltd., Firstgroup PLC, G4S PLC, GKN PLC and Wood PLC have already recognized that Wisconsin is an ideal

location for doing business, with their decisions to locate some type of operations here. If your company

is focused on growth, we invite you to connect with us and learn more about how Wisconsin can support those plans.