Atlas is the automated solution for any advertiser looking to launch intelligent and effective digital Out of Home advertising campaigns. It combines Talon’s market leading adtech with expert knowledge and planning capability, automating many of the traditional tasks activating campaigns into a single platform.

Out of Home (OOH) is one of the world’s oldest advertising mediums, however it was only 15 years ago that digital screens first went live in the UK. OOH has since gone through a period of rapid transformation and growth into a dynamic, adaptive, innovative, and interactive medium.

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Digital OOH (DOOH) is a public, broadcast, advertising medium. It quickly makes brands famous and delivers unmissable and unskippable impact together with massive reach. DOOH gets brands seen and remembered and now reaches over 80% of the UK population, including – importantly in the current climate – in their local communities.

Continual investment in technology has improved OOH targeting, enabling more relevant and contextual messaging that drives action. Advertisers can use motion and video to ensure stand out or adapt different messaging depending on location, time, audience, or even the weather!

Adtech now enables advertisers to capitalise on the many ways DOOH can reach target audiences based on observed behaviours in a simple and intuitive way. One such platform that facilitates this is Atlas, which launched in August 2020.

Atlas enables advertisers to build a DOOH plan, based on audiences you are already targeting as part of your digital strategy EG Business commuters, families or shoppers. Alternatively, target audiences can be selected from one of 18 templated audience segments from within Atlas, such as “environmentally conscious” or “frequent film fans”.

You can further refine your targeting by adding in additional targeting mechanics like context, time of day or geography. Atlas will output a bespoke media plan that best fits the selected criteria and then provide the necessary creative specifications.