Powering the New Hybrid Workplace

Recent global events have revolutionised the way we work, and Paragon Micro is enabling enterprises to seamlessly integrate new remote working policies into traditional office culture. Your workforce demands uninterrupted connectivity and communication wherever they are, and your IT team wants a solution that is secure and simple to manage.

Hybrid Cloud for the Modern Business

The hybrid cloud provides financial and workload flexibility in a time of global disruption and constant change, enabling on-premises infrastructure to be seamlessly scaled as required, and computing resources to be managed from a single platform accessed in any location.

Optimise your IT spend

We understand the constant challenge businesses are facing – to do more with less. The way you work has changed, and so should the way you procure your IT estate. The days of outlaying huge upfront expenses to gain access to the latest innovation have been replaced by flexible, scalable consumption-based solutions that transform CAPEX to OPEX, freeing up your capital and streamlining expenses.

Bespoke Solutions to Drive Business Performance

Working with industry leaders, Paragon Micro delivers end-to-end solutions to support and optimise your entire IT estate:

 Work with Paragon Micro to optimise your IT investment and build an agile, adaptable infrastructure that unlocks the power of both on-premise and public cloud environments, while enabling you to focus on innovation and business growth.

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