Germany is world-renowned for its economic dynamism, but the world – and Germany – are ever changing. Many regions in the country are undergoing dramatic structural shifts as a result of global trends. The automotive industry, for instance, is transitioning to electric mobility, while the energy sector is moving toward renewables. Germany is phasing out coal entirely and investing heavily in hydrogen and other clean energy sources. Furthermore, the digital revolution is profoundly impacting industries across the spectrum. Technology is advancing rapidly, creating new business models and what’s known as the “fourth industrial revolution” – the networking of industry.

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The regions in transition have embraced these changes as opportunities. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy contributes to this by creating a favorable environment for business and by giving companies targeted support in the form of attractive financial incentives.

Moreover, Germany’s regions in transition offer unique advantages to businesses, including world-class infrastructure, access to one of Europe’s top talent pools and world-leading research clusters. Less competition and more room to grow are also major advantages.

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