How can UK businesses use technology to prepare for tomorrow’s supply chain challenges?

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  • Address bottlenecks and create end-to-end supply chain visibility. Solving issues in one part of the supply chain, only to find roadblocks elsewhere, is ineffective in the long run. Visibility into quote transparency, shipments in transit, total landed cost reporting and analytics, and real-time milestone updates are needed to have total control of your supply chain.
  • Enable a connected supply chain with easier collaboration. Communication with colleagues isn’t as easy as walking over to their desk to ask a question nowadays. And constant emails can add strain to an already overburdened workload. Centralising communication between all partners means total visibility can be achieved in real time.
  • Collect real-time data and analytics to speed up decision making. Even if data is being collected, an absence of real-time information or digitisation means, it can often be scattered across different channels and documents. If data that is already being collected as part of the freight forwarding process are in the same place it enables businesses mitigate risks within the supply chain.

The challenge is remaining on top of everything happening to your freight in today’s turbulent landscape. Flexport’s technology-driven approach can support businesses looking to create an agile and resilient supply chain capable of overcoming tomorrow’s challenges, whilst also delivering 24/7 human support through a core team of operations professionals and trusted industry experts.

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