Launch Your U.S. Operation with Ease

The World Trade Center (WTC) Denver and Denver Economic Development & Opportunity collaborate to support and grow our global business community. One of our offerings is the Global Landing Pad—a program that provides a soft landing for international firms considering Denver as a destination. Participants connect with trusted advisors to assist with immigration, tax, legal or logistical challenges, and receive orchestrated business support from mentors, government, investment, and trade experts. We invite you to become a part of Colorado’s vibrant international business ecosystem, where you will have a community committed to your success.

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The New Urban Hub—Introducing Fox Park

Fox Park is the next great expansion of Denver’s urban core and park network with 41 acres of boldly integrated open space, and a unique blend of international culture and commerce into a livable community that reflects a new spirited and creative generation. As the future home of the WTC Denver international ecosystem and culturally diverse retail establishments open in 2022, your destination is evident. Located only 1 train stop or just 5 minutes away from Denver’s vibrant downtown, at the crossroads of Denver’s two major interstate highways, and just 30 minutes on rail from Denver International Airport.

The chance to play in our great outdoors may initially bring you, but work and business is what will keep you here, because you are someone who knows opportunity when you see it.


  • 4th most bike-friendly towns, with 125 miles of new bike lanes
  • National Geographic’s Best of the World 2021 list of sustainable cities
  • Seven professional sports teams
  • 3rd hottest food city in the U.S.
  • 200 Rocky Mountain peaks visible from Denver
  • 2nd best city for beer lovers
  • 23 museums and cultural institutions
  • 300 days of sunshine