Companies that are using manual spreadsheets and disconnected point solutions for day-to-day supply chain operations are going to fall on the wrong side of disruption as the pace of business change continues to accelerate. They won’t be able to keep up with emerging technologies, new business models, and growing demands from customers for faster and more personlised service.

The good news is that comprehensive platform solutions can provide the integrated view and control that supply chain managers need to make more effective decisions and flex quickly when conditions change. Optimally, use a SaaS platform to gain the popular cost-saving benefits of “renting” software and hardware, and to add long-term resiliency by making it easier to incorporate emerging technologies as they are commercialised.

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Simply put, yesterday’s supply chain applications were designed for yesterday’s supply chain needs. Business practices and technologies are constantly evolving in today’s world, and supply chains need modern tools to survive and thrive.

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