The challenges in the regulatory environment, whether Brexit or the upcoming EU Customs changes, put further pressures on retailers and logisticians to work collaboratively to find answers, with innovation and technology being at the forefront of solution development. What’s clear is that the winners will be those who continue to listen carefully to the needs of shoppers globally and respond to make cross-border trade smooth and simple.

Asendia are proud of how we cope with unpredictability, our agile planning expertise and innovative operations to find and utilise alternative shipping routes to beat capacity shortages and blockages and reach customers on behalf of our retail clients.

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Shoppers are becoming more aware of their purchasing habits, where the products they buy come from and how they are transported. E-commerce brands must therefore commit to sustainability in their supply chains, without compromising the convenience that customers have come to expect. Logistics partners are ideally positioned to advise their clients, and this collaboration should be at the heart of building sustainable e-commerce businesses going forward.

For maximum flexibility in the e-commerce supply chain, Asendia has just developed a new range of international parcel services, the e-PAQ range. Retailers can meet customers’ exact needs regarding convenience and choice while cutting their carbon footprint, because we now offset all CO2 emissions for transport within Europe. We also offset the carbon footprint of shipments from Europe to other continents, excluding the first-mile and the last mile.

Asendia combines the experience and expertise of our founding companies, La Poste and Swiss Post, to provide international mail, parcel and e-commerce solutions from 17 countries worldwide, and delivering to over 200 destinations.