The advantages of a New Mexico business location span across a wide range of industries including manufacturing and logistics, aerospace and cutting-edge space technologies, medical manufacturing, film, and agriculture and food production. Nearly 20 countries have established operations in New Mexico to take advantage of our world-class set of advantages.

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  • New Mexico is strategically located in the southwest and is equidistant by rail from two major port regions (LA/Long Beach and Houston/Galveston). This is in addition to being proximate to 75% of the U.S. population within 2-days via road, providing access to key markets both nationally and internationally. The state also has one of the fastest commercial crossings with Mexico via the Santa Teresa Port of Entry.
  • The state’s long history as a world-class research center provides unparalleled access to R&D facilities and high concentrations of talent in the engineering and sciences. The state is home to a host of R&D institutes and testing facilities including two national Department of Energy Labs (Sandia and Los Alamos) and the Airforce Research Lab.
  • A diverse set of industries has created a wealth of experienced talent, including over 180,000 people employed in manufacturing related sectors.
  • The state has focused proactively on maintaining a business-friendly environment, and implemented some of the strongest incentive programs in the U.S.

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The New Mexico Partnership is the state designated organization here to help your business achieve its full potential in New Mexico. The New Mexico Partnership is the state designated single-point-of-contact for businesses looking to locate in New Mexico and provides all of its services confidentially and free of charge. Let us show you what New Mexico has to offer, contact us today at and visit our website

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