It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that all businesses want to increase their sales and profits, to expand and grow, ultimately achieving a rapid return on investment. Whether you decide to achieve that by capturing additional market share in your existing market or consider expanding your business internationally into new markets, to succeed in both you need to understand exactly how you need to improve plus ensure you’ve completed the correct planning and preparation.

Who are we

Bridgehead is a go-to-market agency that specialises in helping scale-ups & start-ups grow and expand in their home and international markets. Our experts across Europe & North America not only create world class strategic go-to-market plans, but most importantly, implement them.

What makes us different

We create and deliver. Using our proven blueprints and methodology, we accelerate market entry by winning business and securing purchase orders for our clients, opening doors to our channel partners and achieving quantifiable results within 90 days. Guaranteed.

Our services

  • Sales Audit: like an MOT for your sales team, it will identify which elements in your business are obstructing sales growth. It’s an in-depth, objective review of your structure, systems, culture, staff, skills, and strategy with special emphasis on people and motivation, uncovering weaknesses in your sales efforts and clear plan of action for fixing the issues to ensure continued growth is achieved.
  • Market Entry Audit: a comprehensive analysis of the political factors, infrastructure, micro and macro economic data, market size and segmentation, industry growth indicators, sales data, localisation requirements, trends and forecasts, as well as the critical competitive insight and much more. It’ll ensure you have a laser focused approach when entering new markets and win business rapidly from the outset.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy: a detailed blueprint for how we will successfully deliver your unique value proposition and reach the chosen target markets, channels and customers to achieve a competitive advantage. A focused plan for how to grow your business, acquire market share and maximise the opportunities that exist in the market.
  • Implementation: leveraging our network of experts throughout Europe & North America, we will implement your strategies and action plans to an accelerated success. You will reap the benefits of rapid success, without any stress, with quantifiable results within 90 days… guaranteed. From part-time Sales and Commercial Directors through to SDR and telemarketing services Bridgehead has your outsourced sales team covered.

Proof is in the pudding

We have over the past 12 years helped over 70 companies achieve multi millions pounds in revenues, some highlights include:

  • Taken a European clients from failing to establish themselves in the UK to having 650+ retailers showcasing their product
  • Achieved a pipeline of over £2m inside 6 months for a SaaS SME
  • Secured sales with with key distributors and channel partners, with purchase orders value of £500,000 achieved in 90 days for a UK wearables brand
  • Listed a UK start-up in key tier 1 retailers in Canada, generating over $1m revenue within 18 months
  • Grown a UK Scale-up’s sales pipeline from £4m to £18m in 9 months
  • Implemented a Sales Audit for a UK SME, subsequently achieving target for the following 2 months for the first time in 10 years

Don’t wait – let’s have a 20 minute discovery call to explore your full potential today. The first businesses to purchase either of the audits will receive a 50% discount, with the next 5 receiving 25% off – quote the code ICCTFP.

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