The new constraints to EU market access due to Brexit are far from being unsurmountable! It’s all a matter of organization. The Hauts-de-France region – which stretches from the North of Paris, all the way to Calais and Dunkirk – has multiple solutions to provide, to help you preserve your hard-gained clients and markets in Europe.

Concrete solutions to preserve your hard-gained clients and markets in Europe

Download our guide, « 3 solutions to preserve your EU clients », to find out more about the 3 solutions described below.

1/ Designate a fiscal representative

This solution is simple and cost-effective, and means you won’t be subject to corporate tax in the country where you sell your goods. But this solution does no deal with problems related to rules of origin, customs procedures, and sanitary and phytosanitary controls.

2/ Take up space in our bonded warehouses

This solution allows you to prevent your tax- and customs-related problems and costs from falling onto your customers, eg. in the form of hefty tax bills and courier charges. But similarly, this will not deal with problems related to rules of origin or sanitary and phytosanitary controls.

3/ Set up a company in Hauts-de-France

This broader solution allows you to deal with all your Brexit-related problems.

  • Avoid additional tax and customs-related costs,
  • Facilitate logistics and deliveries by preventing unexpected costs from falling onto your clients.
  • Import goods from the rest of the world (eg. Asia) directly into the EU to avoid being hit twice by tariffs and VAT.
  • Avoid tariffs by respecting rules of origin requirements by having some production capacity inside the EU.

5 key advantages from setting up a company in Hauts-de-France

A strategic position close to you and your clients

Our region is a major logistics hub for all of Europe: with its strategic location and exceptional transport infrastructures, Hauts-de-France is an unbeatable site for goods in transit. Our location at north of Paris allows easy circulation of staff and goods while optimising delivery time. And because you can choose between road, sea, rail, air and inland waterway transport options, you can optimise shipping costs and maintain full control of your logistics operations.

A huge pool of customers at your fingertips

By setting up here, you’ll gain direct access to 5 major European capitals, home to a huge pool of potential B2B and B2C customers. Within a 300-km radius—just half a day by truck—you’ll find 78 million consumers with €1,500 billion in purchasing power. This is Europe’s wealthiest, most densely populated region, offering a major competitive advantage for your international trading.

The right site at the right price

Finding the right site is a critical part of your location search. Whether you need land or a building, Hauts-de-France offers a wide range of opportunities. Best of all, real estate cost are highly competitive in our region. We don’t expect you to believe us, so compare data for yourself using our real estate cost-comparison tool.

Recruit with ease

Easy access to skills is a critical factor for a growing business with plans for a new subsidiary in a new region. Hauts-de-France has large pools of available workers—over 175,000 jobseekers in industry, logistics and services —so you can easily find the people you need to launch your operation. Compare the salary attractiveness of 40 European cities using our labour costs comparison tool.

Take advantage of powerful business ecosystems

Our vast sectorial ecosystems in Hauts-de-France can provide UK companies with broad opportunities for growth. Find out more about your sector in our region :

A 4-steps method to support your setting up in Hauts-de-France

As the investment promotion agency for Hauts-de-France, we support your regional investment projects at each stage of the process. Our support includes a range of 100% confidential services at no cost*, coordinated by your own special adviser—a dedicated expert we assign to you and your team.

Step 1: Get answers to questions on your project

To find the right site, you’ll need quick access to comprehensive data. And that’s where Nord France Invest comes in: work with us, and you’ll receive reliable, actionable information from a centralised source. We start with a careful analysis of your specifications, then reach out to our partners and provide their detailed answers to any and all questions you may have.

Step 2: Find solutions for your project

After we’ve analysed your specifications, we work with our local partners to create a set of proposals, including buildings, land, acquisition targets and/or partners that meet your needs.

To make the best possible use of your time, we organise a tour of potential sites on your shortlist—drawn from our portfolio.

Step 3: Finalise your plans to set up here

Nord France Invest will help you identify available public funding for your project, along with any additional support your investment may need, including subsidies, subsidised or very low-interest loans, tax exemptions, and rescheduling of loan repayments.

We’ve built relationships with all of the region’s business and labour stakeholders. By tapping into this wide-reaching network, we can connect you with the right people in local, regional and national government. We also use our contacts to fast-track your administrative procedures.

Step 4: Count on us for continued support

We continue to work with you well after your initial decision. In fact, our experts remain in contact to ensure your business fits seamlessly into the local business community, to promote news about your new regional structure—and to support your future growth!

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