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The government has launched the new online UK Business Climate Hub, to help business play a part in the fight against climate change and gain a competitive edge in the process

Even the smallest businesses produce carbon emissions – it could be through your building, your vehicles or your supply chain.

Which is why the government has launched the new online UK Business Climate Hub, to help  business play a part in the fight against climate change and gain a competitive edge in the process.

As part of the government’s ten-point plan to Build Back Greener following the pandemic, UK businesses are being asked to make a climate commitment to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030, and to reach net zero by 2050. Net zero means you are putting no more carbon into the atmosphere than you are taking out of it.

Once you make the commitment to reaching net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner, you’ll be provided with tools to help you understand your emissions, how to reduce them, and how to share what you’re doing with your customers and your community.

There’s even branded material to help you showcase what you’ve done, as well as regular support and incentives to help you stick to your commitment.

So what is the UK Business Climate Hub?

It is a one-stop-shop where you can make a climate commitment, become part of the United Nations Race to Zero initiative, and access best-in-class tools and resources for your company.

Part of the UN’s SME Climate Hub, the new UK hub brings a much-needed national focus to an important international campaign.

Recognising the need to support businesses as they start their net zero journeys, the UK Business Climate Hub is designed to offer practical advice that is accessible to all, kickstarting your push towards net zero.

The resources will help you to develop a climate strategy, measure and reduce your business’s emissions, and help with making choices which also help to reduce the emissions of your supply chain.

You’ll also find inspiring stories from other businesses like yours, that have already benefited from introducing sustainable measures.

Here’s how it can work for you:

Grow your business and your brand

The hub represents a national network of like-minded businesses seeking to improve themselves, their community and the planet. Being part of this network offers far reaching collaborative and commercial opportunities to grow your business and become a leading brand, as market trends shift to a low-carbon economy.

Help your business gain a competitive edge over others in your field

Supply chain leaders, investors, shareholders, consumers and employees are increasingly looking to business to adopt ambitious climate-related targets, with some supply chain leaders now making climate action an official part of their procurement policies. Making a commitment to net zero, and sharing this pledge with your customers and stakeholders can increase your competitive edge.

Get better access to capital and affordable insurance

Investors and insurers are increasingly linking business exposure from natural disasters, such as flooding, with climate change. Take steps to keep your insurance fees affordable and secure your loan, grant and investment worthiness.

Improve your business’s efficiency and reduce costs

Reducing emissions means businesses that look to use and manage resources more efficiently can also reduce their operating costs and improve preparedness for a greener, more prosperous future.

To get started on the road to a greener future today, visit the UK Business Climate Hub and make a commitment.

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