Turn good governance into standard operating procedure – and stay ahead

Empowering organisations to digitally transform and create positive change

Diligent’s modern governance platform empowers leaders and teams at every level of the organisation to stay connected, informed and ahead of what’s next. Our intuitive platform streamlines day-to-day governance workflows, enables secure collaboration, manages subsidiary and entity data, and provides access to real-time market intelligence.

Board & Leadership Collaboration

Organisations need their directors and executives to be agile and empowered to make smart decisions. The speed of business can introduce risks, and legacy systems only exacerbate those risks. With Diligent’s Board & Leadership Collaboration solution, organisations have everything they need to drive digitisation and operational excellence for board, committee and executive meetings. Directors and executives can leverage real-time communication, secure collaboration, governance approval workflows and curated intelligence to power smart decisions.

Operational Governance

Essential to strategic governance is reliable data. That begins with a centralised corporate record that governance and compliance teams can rely on for up-to-date entity and subsidiary information and a clear understanding of risk. Centralising information builds trust in data, simplifies compliance, reduces reporting deficiencies, and makes processes more efficient. This investment in operational maturity enhances an organisation’s ability to achieve growth, profitability and brand equity.

Advanced Governance Analytics

​​​​​​​As leaders encounter more challenges than ever before, many organisations are not leveraging board and executive intelligence as a competitive advantage. Diligent’s Advanced Governance Analytics suite provides powerful analytics to benchmark against peers, guide decision-making and respond more boldly to moving targets like COVID-19 and ESG. With this end-to-end solution for hypothesis generation, decision-making and results measurement, organisations improve market and stakeholder perception and become more forward-thinking.

Trusted by leaders across the globe

Nearly 700,000 governance leaders from over 19,000 organisations and 90 countries rely on the Diligent modern governance platform to:

  • Keep their data safe
  • Get more out of board meetings
  • Uncover powerful insights and influence change
  • Access cutting-edge governance research and professional expertise
  • Drive better business outcomes with better collaboration
  • Deliver on commitments to stakeholders

Customers choose Diligent for its intuitive and easy-to-use technology, personal customer support and dedicated success team. To digitally transform the way your business operates, visit diligent.com.



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