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Udemy's mission is to create new possibilities for people and organisations everywhere by connecting them to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing world.

Fueled by the Udemy marketplace, Udemy Business helps companies achieve critical business outcomes and stay competitive through integrated learning opportunities that support employee engagement, career development, and organisational upskilling.

Our learning content covers key business and technical topics ranging from web development and data science to cybersecurity, leadership, marketing, finance, design, stress management, and much more. A

Udemy Business subscription offers easy access to three learning modalities, so companies deliver the right learning experience to the right employees in the right format.

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1. On-demand learning: Employees get unlimited 24/7 access to a curated collection of top-rated courses taught by real-world experts so employees can easily engage with topics critical to their current roles and future aspirations.

2. Virtual hands-on learning: Developing technical skills requires practice, which is why immersive learning through assessments, labs, and practice sandboxes is crucial for increasing comprehension.

3. Cohort learning: Through this proven technique, a group of employees assemble online to learn about a specific subject at the same time. It’s a blend of self-paced learning, instructor-led sessions, and informal learning through communities of practice.

Integrated learning solutions are vital in a new era of hybrid business, where employee experience takes center stage. An organisation that offers employees access to various methods of learning is creating the foundation of a long-lasting learning culture. Such a culture encourages employee curiosity and engagement, fosters an agile mindset, and promotes shared learning to reach company goals.

Course content is just the start when seeking to transform your workforce. In a crowded market of workplace learning tools, it’s crucial to take the time to understand how a provider fits into your organisation’s unique employee development goals to help drive business outcomes. For more guidance on what to look for when building your organisation’s learning ecosystem, download                A Buyer’s Guide to Integrated Learning Solutions.

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