Exporters: Make your cash flow, with Stenn.

Stenn International is a UK-based, trade finance provider that unlocks working capital for buyers and suppliers in global supply chains. With Stenn, suppliers don’t wait to get paid, and buyers have time to sell goods before payment is due – all independent of banks and without pledging collateral.

From order to invoicing, our customers pick the perfect time to quickly turn frozen capital into ready cash. We serve companies across the globe and a wide range of markets, including apparel, automotive, consumer electronics, household goods and industrial products.

Our advantages:

  • Business growth
    Increase sales and order size with the ability to offer open account terms to customers.
  • Improve cash flow and working capital
    Stenn pays at shipment and customer invoicing. This is capital you can use for materials or to fund growth. Your buyer pays Stenn at the invoice due date.
  • No impact on current financing
    Stenn financing doesn’t tie up bank lines and requires no asset collateral.
  • Reduce risk
    Stenn guarantees payment from buyers. Should a buyer default on a payment due to bankruptcy or insolvency, the supplier is 100% protected.
  • Stenn App – fully automated process
    Use our mobile app to always stay in the loop of your business transactions
  • Industry leader
    Stenn has financed over £1.8 billion in the past 3 years

Not a bank. A problem-solver.

With a strong global presence and specialized local knowledge, Stenn facilitates cross-border trade around the world. Quick, easy, reliable financing for international trade is not a new idea, but Stenn redefines the standards and improves the whole process. This enables even small and mid-sized companies to grow faster – and to improve their chances on the international market. If you are looking for a reliable finance partner for faster growth and flexible payment options, get in touch and we will help you to unfold your potential.


Contact information

Get in touch

Alex Vavilov

Managing Director

Office: +44 20 3735 9080

Mobile: +44 7827 944585

Email:  alex.vavilov@stenn.com


Stenn International, Ltd.

1-45 Durham St, London, SE11 5JH



Registered in England & Wales with number 09488169

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