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Susie Ma explains some of the green measures that Tropic has implemented

Former BBC Apprentice star Susie Ma created Tropic to be a force for good beyond beauty.

She says: “Tropic is inspired by our natural world and our product formulations are powered by some of the most effective botanicals in the world, but they are very susceptible to the consequences of climate change. Which is why I believe that businesses have a responsibility to people and the planet to do more.”

Susie explains why moving to renewable energy sources needs to be at the forefront of reducing emissions.

“The UK is a world leader in emissions reduction, we have some of the best renewable energy sources in the world. It’s been so exciting to see the shift away from fossil fuels, and the fact that Britain didn’t use coal as a nation for two months straight last year is excellent. By hosting COP26, we have a responsibility to ensure renewable energy is at the forefront of climate negotiations.”

The South London-based firm make their skincare and beauty products fresh every day, with a turnover of £75 million last year.

Susie believes that all businesses have a responsibility to the planet and to protect the natural world.

“No company is perfect, but we believe in progression and ensuring that we are doing everything we can to meet the highest standards possible. We hope to inspire and drive change through example.

“We go beyond Net Zero in terms of emissions, since 2018 we’ve double offset all our carbon emissions, removing twice the amount of greenhouse gases that we emit. In 2019 we swapped to renewable energy at our HQ, and we’ve been certified landfill free for two years.

“We’ve implemented eco-friendly schemes our employees can benefit from, such as our cycle initiative. Employees can borrow and use Tropic bicycles to commute to and from our HQ, completely free of charge to reduce individual carbon footprints.”

Susie shares her advice for other businesses starting their green journey.

“Never see environmental initiatives as a burden and instead see how they can benefit company morale. Even if it’s a simple energy supplier change. Each switch is a win for your conscience and the planet.”

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