How companies are delivering real value in the transition to a low-carbon, resilient future

Deloitte provide an overview of the Goal 13 Impact Platform

Climate Change is already influencing how organisations innovate, operate, deliver and grow. Those businesses, large or small, who fail to manage the transition to a low carbon future will likely see their competitive advantage erode, and increasingly come into conflict with their stakeholders. Although one motivation to act stems from risk management, there is also real, tangible value and opportunity to be gained for businesses as they reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their resilience. Sources of value include: operational efficiency, customer loyalty, attraction of talent, capital market alignment, and the opening up of new markets and segments.

Analysis from our platform shows 45% of businesses see the creation of new commercial opportunities as a key driver for acting on climate, with two-thirds of interviewees expecting a return from their climate related initiatives and investments within 5 years. Whilst some of this commercial opportunity comes from efficiencies, the biggest driver is observed from expected changes in customer demand.

This narrative is not confined to large businesses and multinational heavy-weights. The UK SME population is critical to the UK economy and to the scope 3 ambitions of the larger companies, making this a primary agenda for both large and small companies and across sectors.

‘We are now at an inflection point for the world and the UK. Something real is changing. In the last 10 years, businesses were in the race to be persuaded about net zero. The next 10 years will be defined by a race to the top. We are going to see real action.’  Tony Danker – Director-General Confederation of British Industry

Showcasing your climate journey through the Goal 13 Impact Platform

The Goal 13 Impact Platform is a not-for-profit initiative led by 6 partner organisations (CBI, A4S, Chapter Zero, the Met Office, Dell Technologies and Deloitte).

The objective of the initiative is to build an open repository of corporate climate actions to facilitate learning and collaboration in the run up to COP 26. Each partner is contributing value in kind, and the repository is free to access.

Information is gathered via structured interviews with organisations who want to tell their climate story; there’s no constraint on size, sector or geography. In these interviews, we explore your commitments and targets, drivers for change and how you organise your climate action, key initiatives and their impact, and barriers experienced and lessons learned.

Analysis from our platform shows 45% of businesses see the creation of new commercial opportunities as a key driver for acting on climate, with two-thirds of interviewees expecting a return from their climate related initiatives and investments within 5 years

As of today, we have reached out to c. 2,400 organisations and carried out c. 270 interviews. The majority of these interviews are UK based businesses but we are rolling out internationally across the Nordics, the US, Japan and India with other countries to follow. By COP26 we hope to have 1,000 businesses interviewed, using the data to deliver in-depth insights into business climate action, informing policy makers and showcasing the private sector as a key component to achieving net zero.

Our initial report provides an overview of the insights to date here Goal 13 Impact Platform: Emerging Findings. We plan to publish an update prior to COP26 to power discussions and inspire more businesses to take action.

Acceleration through learning and collaboration

In addition to showcasing business climate journeys, soon contributors will also be able to collaborate with one another.

Initially this will be through match-making functionality, where businesses will be paired with others and offered the opportunity to connect. This will be followed by the ability to create climate action groups, with businesses inviting others to join to address shared challenges.

Get involved and showcase your climate journey

We’d be delighted to offer you and your organisation an opportunity to participate and help us shape the platform to best contribute to climate action. The only requirement is to make time for a 1 hour interview, or by returning our questionnaire, reviewing the notes we capture, and when ready, agreeing for them to be published on the platform.

Additionally, we’re encouraging all contributors to get organisations within their supply/value chain onto the platform, typically as a complement to any ongoing engagement. We would be happy to follow-up with your supply / value chains and encourage them to participate.

Sign up via the platform or email us here:, or 

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