Trade for prosperity

The UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement eliminates tariffs on 100% of UK exports and goes further than any UK or Australian trade deal has done before in a number of key areas.

Free flow of data 

This deal ensures that data can flow freely between the two countries whilst retaining the UK‘s high standards on data protection. It will ensure that businesses do not face unjustified barriers to data flows, such as the requirement to store their data in costly servers in Australia. 

British businesses operating in Australia can plan their business growth knowing that they can collect, process and transfer data between the two countries without facing unnecessary red tape or costs. 

Digital-trade opportunities 

This deal provides more opportunities for UK firms to trade digitally with Australia, including in tech, creative industries, finance, telecommunications and many other sectors. It will save many firms from the cost of setting up servers in Australia, and it makes business easier through the use of electronic contracts and electronic signatures. 

Businesses will have confidence that their valuable intellectual property will be protected. The deal guarantees fair access for telecommunications companies into Australia and forges greater cooperation on 5G and cyber security. The world’s first dedicated innovation chapter establishes a Strategic Innovation Dialogue which will drive the commercialisation of new technology and ensure the deal keeps up with technological developments.

Boost for e-commerce 

This deal makes it easier for British retailers to sell their products online by guaranteeing the legal validity of electronic contracts and electronic transactions. Both parties will work towards ensuring that tools used to verify people’s identity and authenticate online transactions work in both countries. 

Consumers and suppliers alike will benefit from commitments to minimise spam and false descriptions of products in online marketplaces. The increased consumer protection offered by the deal will give Australian consumers greater confidence when sourcing their favourite UK products on the internet. 

Selling goods directly to customers via online platforms is critical for many UK businesses, and these cutting-edge provisions could help boost their e-commerce sales.

Low-carbon benefits

The removal of tariffs through this FTA on UK exports of green goods and technologies could help support the UK’s low-carbon economy and reduce costs for Australian importers – potentially benefiting the environment and jobs. The FTA also strengthens bilateral cooperation in areas such as sustainable forest management, the circular economy and marine litter, while reaffirming the commitments of both the UK and Australia – to uphold all of their obligations under the Paris Agreement. 

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