Kinnarps is one of Europe’s largest providers of workspace solutions and for almost 80 years, we’ve been Making Room for the ever-changing demands of business, shaping office environments that promote well-being and prosperity. We’ve worked sustainably and with circularity from the very beginning, always searching for the golden ratio between sustainable environments, people and economy.

Today, more and more people and organisations want to make sustainable choices. There is increasing demand for high-quality, sustainable, timeless interior design – for the sake of the environment, well-being and also economy. For us at Kinnarps, this is a natural part of our day-to- day work, and has been since we started our company in 1942. It is about thinking in a resource- efficient way, acting environmentally smart, promoting well-being and helping you as a customer to do the same.

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Offering products with built-in longer service life and the opportunity for them to be refreshed and reused. Delivering in a durable way and creating interior design solutions that are made to last. But it is also about making people and organisations sustainable.

About tailor-made environments that meet the needs of the individual, group and company. Well- thought out, flexible and multi-functional workspaces that strengthen your employer brand and attract talent. We make it simple to see interior solutions as a long and healthy relationship, making it easy for you and your business to be sustainable. Today and in the future.

Some of our sustainable way we work:

  • Our trucks run on biodiesel with 85% reduced climate impact
  • Our height-adjustable desks are tested three times more than the industry standard (15,000 cycles rather than 5,000)
  • We heat our factories with briquettes made from our wood waste
  • Products with a built-in circularity – use, refresh, reuse and recycle
  • Helping your organisation re-evaluate your workspace to use it more efficiently and effectively through our workplace analysis, Next Office®

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